On-Line Resources

Many on-line resources are available to people who are members of or share interests with the IWRA. Some of these on-line resources include:

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National Water Infomation System

News Release

U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey

Release July 12, 2001

USGS Launches New Web Site for Nation's Water Data

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), this week, launched its new, online National Water Information System (NWISWeb) and in so doing opened the doors to the public to much more of the 100 years of water data collected by the federal earth science agency. The new website, found at: http://water.usgs.gov/nwis/ allows users to access several hundred million pieces of archival and real-time data all from their home or office computers.

"Our users can now gain easy access to over 100 years of water information, all with the click of a mouse," said Robert Hirsch, USGS Associate Director for Water. "This not only saves them time, money, and effort for the user, but also allows our hydrologists and technicians to concentrate on collecting data and processing the information derived from it. We have been providing real-time streamflow and historical streamflow data on the web for several years now. What this new system does is to improve that service and integrate it with many other types of water data including historical water-quality data from rivers and aquifers, historical ground-water level data, and real-time water quality, precipitation, and ground-water levels."

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Indiana GIS Data Download Site

Purdue University Center for Advanced Applications in GIS (CAAGIS) is offering data layers and orthophotographs for Indiana. Orthophotograhs from USGS (1 meter) are compressed using MrSid and zipped into Quadrangle bundles. Approx size of a zipped quad (4 images and 4 headers) is 25 megabytes.

Data layers available for free download include NWI wetlands, SSURGO and STATSGO soils, PLSS (1: 100K township, range, section,) TIGER 95, Hydrogeologic Settings and USGS DEM (1:24,000 mosaics) grids. For more info visit

[ http://danpatch.ecn.purdue.edu/~caagis/ftp/gisdata/data.html ]

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On-Line Water Well Database

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water, is pleased to announce that its computer database of water well records is online through the Access Indiana Information Network, the state's official government web site. The database can be accessed through the Division of Water's home page .

The database is essentially complete and consists of records of approximately 300,000 water wells, including domestic, municipal, industrial, commercial and irrigation wells. About 12,000 records of new wells will be added to the database each year. Well records are widely used by engineering and geological consultants, well driller, home owner, government agencies and academic institutions. The database represents the largest single source of ground water information in the state.

Each year, the Division of Water receives about 2,500 request for information contained in these records. Having the well records online will allow users to directly access the data 24 hours per day, seven days per week, without leaving their homes or business. The system will allow anyone to search for, view, and print individual records with no subscriber fee or per-record charge. However, if the user wants the information in digital form (tab-delimited), he or she must be an Access Indiana Information (AIIN) subscriber ($50.00 annual account set up and service fee). AIIN subscribers can then download any number of records for a fee of 5 cents per record, which is one-half the current charge for a digital record and one-sixth the charge for photocopying a paper record. The subscriber's account or credit card will be charged. AIIN premium services are explained at http://www.ai.org/premium . For more information on the digital database, contact Bill Herring at:

Ground Water Section
Division of Water
402 West Washington Street, Room W264
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748
Toll Free in Indiana: 1-877-928-3755
Phone: (317) 232-4160
Fax: (317) 233-4579