IWRA Officers

Elected officers:

President Jeff Martin USGS 317-600-2748 jdmartin@usgs.gov
Secretary Cyndi Wagner IDEM 317-308-3381 cwagner@idem.in.gov
Treasurer Joe Schmees IDEM 317-308-3194 jschmees@idem.in.gov

Volunteer Support Positions are currently filled by:

AWRA Liason Harold Templin IDEM 317-232-8711 htemplin@idem.in.gov
Awards Commitee Mark Basch IDNR   mbasch@dnr.in.gov
Membership Committee Jeff Martin USGS 317-600-2748 jdmartin@usgs.gov
Webmaster Ben Sperl USGS 317-600-2769 bsperl@usgs.gov

Past Presidents of the IWRA:

1980 William Wilber USGS
1981 William Wilber USGS
1982 Darrell Leap Purdue University
1983 Charles Crawford USGS
1984 Noel Krothe Indiana University
1985 Paul K.M. van der Heijde Holcomb Res. Inst.
1986 Thomas Bruns IDNR
1987 Robert Aten Geosciences Res. Assoc.
1988 Konrad Banaszak USGS
1989 Judith Beaty IDNR
1990 Henk Haitjema Indiana University
1991 Richard Powell WW Engineering and Science
1992 Jeff Martin USGS
1993 Mark Reshkin Indiana University - Purdue University Northwest
1994 Rosemarie Hansell Marion Cty. Health Dept.
1995 Marty Risch USGS
1996 Ronald Turco Purdue University
1997 Siavash Beik Christopher Burke Engin.
1998 Greg Nethery Engin. and Testing. Services Inc.
1999 Mark Basch IDNR
2000 Cyndi Wagner IDEM
2001 Don Arvin USGS
2002 Jack Wittman WHPA, Inc.
2003 Tracy Branam IGS
2004 Ken Luther Valparaiso University
2005 Phil Ward Groundwater Environmental Services, Inc
2006 Jane Frankenberger Purdue University
2007 Timothy Kroeker V3 Companies Ltd.
2008 Jeff Frey USGS
2009 Dennis Stewart IDNR (retired)
2010 Leighanne Hahn Office of the State Chemist
2011 Mark Pyron Ball State University
2012 Mark Hopkins USGS
2013 Phil Bonneau Ortman Drilling and Water Services
2014 Martha Clark Mettler IDEM
2015 Klaus Neumann Ball State University
2016 Joe Schmees IDEM

AWRA Liason

Harold Templin continues to facilitate our communication with the American Water Resources Association, of which the IWRA is an affiliate. Contact Harold at (317) 232-8711 with news for the AWRA. Thank you, Harold, for your continued help and improvement with AWRA communications and with other IWRA committees.

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