Who We Are

The Indiana Water Resources Association (IWRA) was founded in 1979 as a state affiliate of the American Water Resources Association to promote water resources research, education, and communication in Indiana. The IWRA is an organization of several hundred professionals and students working in all aspects of water resources. Its members include scientists, engineers, regulators, educators, policy-makers, and students from government agencies, universities, industry, consulting firms, and other water related groups.

Issues and Activities

Over the years, the IWRA's forums have focused on the emerging and imminent water resources issues in Indiana- from the effects of coal mining in the southwest to hazardous waste sites in the northwest, from rising water levels in Lake Michigan to flooding along the Ohio River; plus statewide issues like wellhead protection, drought, acid rain, and water quality standards.

To exchange information,provide faster discussion, and explain research on these and other issues, the IWRA holds a multi-day meeting each year in June at varying locations throughout the state. These annual meetings alternate between symposia and field trips The symposia include presentations and short courses by members and nationally recognized experts; followed the next year by field trips to natural features, industrial sites, and cultural and historical locations.

The symposia offer professionals and students an opportunity to share findings or news of their work through lectures and published proceedings.

The field trips provide guides transportation, special access, and first-hand information regarding water resources at unique places in the state.

A meeting is also held each fall for election of officers and other business, followed by a short seminar or field trip.

One of the main goals of IWRA is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information within the water-resources community of Indiana. Please view our conferences as an opportunity to present your work, in a relatively informal atmosphere, to Indiana's water-resource professionals.

Because many of our members do not regularly attend national meetings, we encourage you to present papers that you may have given previously at national or regional professional meetings.

Titles of past IWRA meetings, their locations, and organizing President of IWRA that year have been:

Student Scholarships

IWRA sponsors a Student Scholarship Fund, designed to provide assistance to students at Indiana colleges and universities who present a paper at the Spring Symposium. Scholarships of at least $250 will be awarded to select students presenting papers at this year's symposium.

The IWRA Student Scholarship fund continues to be supported by many IWRA members and friends. The fund provides economic incentive and assistance to students attending Indiana colleges and universities who present papers at the biennial Spring Symposium. Many thanks go out to the individuals who contribute.


The By-Laws of the IWRA can be found in this Word file: IWRA By-Laws .