IWRA Awards

The Charles Harold Bechert Award

The Charles Harold Bechert Award was first established in 1981 for presentation to a member of the water resources community who has contributed significantly to water resources activities in Indiana.

Charles Harold Beckert has been recognized as a major pioneer in Indiana's water resources management programs. Following graduation with honors from Purdue University in 1929, Mr. Bechert became Indiana's first sanitary engineer in the Department of Conservation. During his 36 year career with the Department, Mr. Bechert serves as Assistant Chief of the Division of Water, Department of Natural Resources, and served in that capacity until 1970. During his distinguished career, Mr. Bechert was an officer and a member of various water related organizations. Mr. Bechert served as President of both the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Indiana Division of the American Water Works Association. Mr. Bechert was also a member in several other organizations, including the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers, Scientech Club, Indiana Academy of Sciences, and the honorary fraternity of Chi Epsilon. Mr. Bechert's professional abilities were recognized in 1963 by Governor Matthew Welch when appointed Sagamore of the Wabash, in 1955 when presented the George Fuller Award by the American Water Works Association, and by listing in "Who's Who in the Midwest (1967-68)".

Nominations for the Charles Harold Bechert Award may be made by contacting the IWRA President.

Past recipients of the Charles Harold Bechert Award:

Outstanding Achievement Awards

The IWRA recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions in the Academic, Private and Public sectors with regard to:

  1. Promoting research and technical, social, economic, and legislative advances in all aspects of water resources;
  2. Collecting and disseminating water resource information through publications, symposia and other media;
  3. Relating the needs of management, educational, and governmental institutions for specialized serves and guidance to qualified professionals; and
  4. Initiating and maintaining lines of communication in the water resources community.

Nominations for Outstanding Achievement Awards may be made by contacting the IWRA President.

Past recipients of the award:

  Academic Sector Private Sector Public Sector
2009 Lenore Tedesco Siavash Beik David Knipe
2010 William Jones The Nature Conservancy Rodney Renkenberger
2011 Ron Turco

Jill Hoffmann, Lyn Crighton, and IUPUI CEES

IDNR, Div. of Water
2012 Alan Johnson Robert “Bugs” Armstrong Johnson Co. WHP/LPT
2013 Sara Pryor Jack Wittman Sally Letsinger
2014 Jane Frankenberger Sara Peel William Guertal
2015 Manchester University Environmental Studies Program ACRES Land Trust Jane E. Hardisty
2016 Karissa Bash, Kenyari Keith, Allyse Turner, Paige Williams Todd Feenstra Jim Sullivan

Members Emeriti

The IWRA recognizes members who have made contributions to the organization for a long time by awarding status of Member Emeritus.  Registrations fees for all future IWRA meetings are waived for members emeriti.  

Current members emeriti and year of designation:

The Wilber-Zogorski Leadership Award

The Indiana Water Resources Association has established a Leadership Award to acknowledge the significant contributions to the organization made by its Presidents. The Leadership Award was named in honor of William G. Wilber and John S. Zogorski, the founding members of IWRA. A list of past and current presidents of the IWRA can be found here .

The Outstanding Student Presentation Award

The IWRA also encourages students to present the results of their research or work in the area of water resources. Awards for Outstanding Student Presentations are given at many symposia. In addition to a cash award, all costs of attending the symposium are covered.

Past Outstanding Student Presentations award winners include:

Since 2000, all students making presentations have had their travel expenses paid.

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