March, 2002




Dear Members and Friends of the IWRA:

I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the IWRA Board of Directors, to thank everyone for a successful 2001. In particular, hats off to Don Arvin, our 2001 President, for organizing a great Fall meeting in Indianapolis. The topic of the meeting was, "Our Water Resources and the Demand for Energy." After the business meeting the group heard from IDEM's George Oliver about the role of Indiana's water resources in relation to new power production facilities. The meeting ended with a tour of a peaking power plant that is right in the neighborhood. The topic was timely considering the energy-shortfall experienced last summer in California and other locations throughout the country. The spring meeting agenda and location details are listed at the bottom of this letter.

Not to be forgotten in thanks are Ken Luther our faculty liaison and web master (visit the IWRA web site at:; Jeff Martin, who continues to oversee our membership tasks and provides invaluable institutional memory and sage wisdom concerning our Association to us less experienced folk; and Harold Templin, who continues his long commitment as our liaison with the American Water Resources Association. Ken can be reached at 219/464-5183, Jeff at 317/290-3333 ext. 148, and Harold at 317/232-8711.

At the Fall Business Meeting, the 2002 IWRA Officers were formally elected:

President: Jack Wittman, WHPA, Inc. 812/333-9399

President-Elect: Tracy Branam, IGS 812/855-2687

Secretary: Glendon Williams, HNTB 317/636-4682

Treasurer: Kathy Fowler, USGS 317/290-3333 ext. 137

The IWRA Student Scholarship fund continues to be supported by many IWRA members and friends. The fund provides economic incentive and assistance to students that present papers at our Spring Symposium. One or more scholarships will be provided this year (see Call-for-Papers). Many thanks to the following individuals who contributed to the fund in 2001:

Sharon Adams

Rodney Allen

Joel Annable

Leslie Arihood

Konrad Banaszak

Mark Basch

John Bell

Thomas Berquist

John Buechler

Christopher Burke

Thomas Chamberlin

Jacques Delleur

Nathan Eaton

Paul Farmer

Larry Feazell

Shiaw-Fen Ferng

John Fisher

Kathleen Fowler

Jane Frankenberger

Arthur Garceau

Billy Giles

Bob Gillespie

Karl Glander

Jerry Goff

Joshua Goode

Raj Gosine

Steve Hall

Rosemarie Hansell

John Hardwick

Jeff Healy

Jan Henley

Robert Houghtalen

Paul Johnson

Bill Jones

David Knipe

Sally Letsinger

James Luckiewicz

Donna Marron

Jeffrey Martin

James Mc Nulty

Becki Moffett-Moore

John Mundell

David Nance

Tiffany Paitson

Corky Prast

Glenn Pratt

Lane Ralph

Martin Risch

Cheryl Silcox

Kerry Smith

John South

Dennis Stewart

Jon Stolz

Larry Theller

Cynthia Wagner

Philip Ward

Lee Watson

Troy Weaver

Glendon Williams

John Wilson

Pam Wolsiefer-Leak

Lorraine Wright




The 23rd Annual IWRA Spring Symposium is a must. Please mark your calendars for June 18 - 21. The Symposium will be held at the beautiful Pokagon State Park in Angola. The theme of the meeting is: "Water Quality and Water Rights in the Midwest: Converging Regulation, Technology, and Demand." Much is happening in water resource protection both nationally and regionally. The business meeting will be on Wednesday morning, with the Symposium convening in the afternoon, and wrapping up on Friday morning. More on the Symposium to follow.

IWRA has decided to establish a Leadership Award to acknowledge the significant contributions to IWRA by the President. The award will be named after Bill Wilber and John Zogorski; founding members of IWRA. We plan to bestow awards to all past presidents at the banquet this year. This should be a great opportunity to catch up with old friends.

Please pay particular attention to the mailing label for this letter. In addition to your address, the label indicates your current membership status for 2001. All future mailing from IWRA will indicate your current membership status at the time of the mailing. This will be particularly useful to our members and friends because fees for the meetings are a function of membership status (dues paid for the current year).

A stated objective of IWRA is to initiate and maintain lines of communication between members of IWRA and the public. To that end we plan to post to our web page the names, company name, and business phone numbers of our members and friends. If you receive mailings from IWRA, we consisder you a member or friend. If you do not wish to have your information posted (itís all or none) then check the "do not post" space on the enclosed 2002 membership form.

Please spend a minute to complete the enclosed membership form to renew your IWRA dues for 2002. The value of your $10.00 membership is unmatched by other professional organizations! Remember, students can join for $2.00. Encourage your friends and colleagues interested in water resources to join IWRA.

Please feel free to contact me at 812/333-3933 or e-mail at if you have any questions about IWRA in general, or the upcoming Symposium. I look forward to seeing all of you in June!





Jack Wittman

IWRA President