Wednesday, June 23

11:00 Registration    
12:00 Opening and Welcome President Alan Harre Valparaiso University
12:15 TBA Bob Moresi President, American Water Resources Association 2004
1:00 Indiana Water Quality Atlas John Buechler The Polis Center, IUPUI
1:30 Evaluation of Ground-Water Chemistry and Age for Aquifer Systems in Lagrange County Tracy Branam, Nancy Hasenmueller IGS
2:00 Aquifer Vulnerability Analysis for Water Resource Protection John Mundell, Leena Lothe, Eric M. Oliver, Sue Allen-Long Mundell & Associates, Inc., IDEM
2:30 BREAK    
2:45 An Overview of the Clean Water Act of 1999, Its Policy and Practice Dean Farr Indiana Assoc. of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
3:15 Water Resource Exploration Using Geophysical Mapping Gregory Byer, John Vanderlaan, Jason Armour Mundell & Associates, Inc.
3:45 The Role of Hand Calculations in Groundwater Flow Modeling Henk Haitjema Indiana University
4:15 Detention in Waters of the U.S. Todd Stevenson Monroe County Highway Department
4:45 BREAK    
6:00 Poster Session and Social Hour (Cash Bar)    
  GIS-Based Hydrologic Modeling For Riparian Buffer Management in Young's Creek Watershed, Johnson Ccounty, Indiana Sally Lestinger and Greg Olyphant Indiana Geologic Survey
  Flood Frequency Analysis of Indiana Streams- Selection of Probability Distributions Shalini Kedia and A.R. Rao Purdue University
7:00 Dinner Banquet    
8:00 Presentation of Bechert Award    
8:10 Water on Mars: Oceans, Aquifers, and Massive Ground Ice Stephen Clifford Lunar and Planetary Institute

Thursday, June 24

7:30 Registration    
8:00 Welcome Mayor Jon Costas City of Valparaiso
8:15 Hoosier Riverwatch / Adopt-A-River: Indiana's Volunteer Stream Monitoring and Streambank Cleanup Program Jan Hosier Hoosier Riverwatch
8:45 Defining the Flow Divide in Northwest Indiana Art Garceau IDEM
9:15 Pesticides in Rivers and Streams of the United States: Summary of Results From the First 10 Years of the U.S. Geological Survey National Water-Quality Assessment Program Jeffrey D. Martin, Robert J. Gilliom, Charles G. Crawford USGS
9:45 BREAK    
10:00 Monitoring Program for Mercury Precipitation in Indiana Martin Risch USGS
10:30 Geo-spatial Modeling and Field Validation of Sediment Loading: Mississinewa Watershed, Indiana William Winner Taylor University (student)
11:00 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Contaminant Transfer During Air Sparging Processes in a One-Dimensional Soil Column Martin Tilma, Liz Hilkert, Rabi. H. Mohtar Purdue University (student)
11:30 BREAK    
12:00 Lunch Begins    
12:30 Indiana's 1830's Canal Engineers Were Very DAM Smart J. Darrell Bakken , Retired VP of Engineering, IWC
1:15 BREAK    
1:30 Valparaiso Stimson Watershed Project: Case Study in Managing Stormwater Quantity - Quality
Brian Neilson, Rick Rampone, David Pilz, Stuart Walesh
JF New, Earthtech, City of Valparaiso, Consultant
2:00 Managing Our Natural Heritage: Water Steve Barker Coffee Creek Watershed Conservancy
2:30 Flood Control for Thorn Creek, South Cook County, Illinois, Part of CUP and the Chicago Deep Tunnel Project Haolei Ge, Yinghui Sui, Terry R. West Purdue University (student)
3:00 BREAK    
3:15 Experimental Constructed Wetlands in the Headwaters of an Agricultural Watershed: Nutrient Sampling Vickie Poole, George R. Parker Purdue University
3:45 Organic Carbon Flux in Tile Drainflow M.D. Ruark, S.M. Brouder, R.F. Turco, E.J. Kladivko Purdue University (student)
4:15 Nitrate Leaching to Subsurface Drains as Affected By Drain Spacing and Changes in Crop Production System E.J. Kladivko, J.R. Frankenberger, D.B. Jaynes, D.W. Meek, B.J. Jenkinson, N.R. Fausey Purdue University
4:45 ADJOURN (Dinner on your own)    
8:00 Business Meeting and Social Hour(s): Courtyard by Marriott    

Friday, June 25

7:30 Registration    
8:00 Watershed Response to Storm Events Ernest L. Johnson III IDEM
8:30 Assessing Indiana's Ground-Water Resources Gregory P. Schrader IDNR
9:00 Swale Stormwater Conveyance Cost as a Function of Design Recurrence Interval
Zuhdi Y. Aljobeh, Dayna R. Smoljo Valparaiso University
9:30 Regional Probability Weighted Moment Index Flood Estimates for Indiana
En-Ching Hsu Purdue University (student)
10:00 BREAK    
10:15 Agricultural Drainage Management Strategies for
Reducing Nitrate in Surface Water
Jane Frankenberger Purdue University
10:45 Regionalization of Watersheds by Fuzzy Cluster Analysis A. Ramachandra Rao Purdue University
11:15 Lessons Learned in the Scales of the Court, or, Expert Witnessing on Water Resources Konrad Banaszak Keramida Environmental, Inc.