February 4, 2003

Dear Members and Friends of IWRA:

First, a hearty congratulations and thank you to 2002 President Jack Wittman for organizing an outstanding June conference on the theme: "Water quality and water rights in the Midwest: Converging Regulation, Technology, and Demand." We heard many excellent presentations and the panel discussions at the end of each session created a lot of give and take between the presenters, moderators, and audience. IWRA Leadership Awards, named in honor of founding members Bill Wilber and John Zogorski, were presented at the banquet to the past presidents of IWRA in appreciation of their service to the organization. About half of the past presidents were able to attend and provided some entertaining and astute comments concerning the past and future directions of our organization. Our banquet speaker, Richard Palmer, University of Washington, gave an insightful and entertaining presentation on the use of shared-vision modeling in addressing water-resource conflicts. The Fall conference was held in conjunction with the IUPUI School of Science Alumni Association conference: "Heavy Metal Madness: Lead and Mercury in the Environment," on September 20th. As you may recall that was the day the tornado tore through Ellettsville, Martinsville and southeastern Marion County. Attending a conference under a tornado warning was a first for me. It was an excellent conference and a day to remember. Announcements for the fall meeting were distributed only by email because of a hard drive failure on the computer used to manage the IWRA membership and mailing lists.

IWRA Officers for 2003 were elected at the Fall business meeting:

President: Tracy Branam, Indiana Geological Survey 812-855-2687

President-Elect: Ken Luther, Valparaiso University 219-464-5183

Secretary: Glendon Williams, HNTB 317-636-4682

Treasurer: Kathleen Fowler, USGS 317-290-3333 ext. 137

IWRA is always looking for members to step forward and take an active role in the leadership of the organization. We particularly need help with membership, outreach, awards, communications, archives, and conference planning and logistics. Perhaps the best way to get involved with IWRA is to attend our business meetings held immediately prior to the June and Fall conferences and hear reports from our committees, learn about new initiatives, participate in the discussions, and volunteer your service.

Over the years, many members have requested a newsletter to increase communication on water resource activities in Indiana. A proposal was made at the last business meeting to use some of the Student Scholarship money to fund a student to prepare an annual newsletter. A committee was formed and is investigating the proposal and developing a statement of work. Many thanks to the 44 members that contributed to the IWRA Student Scholarship Fund in 2002:

Sharon Adams

Les Arihood

Don Arvin

Konrad Banaszak

Mark Basch

Siavash Beik

John Bell

Thomas Berquist

Thomas Bruns

Jerry Davis

Jacques Delleur

Nathan Eaton

Paul Farmer

Larry Feazell

John Fisher

Kathleen Fowler

Jane Frankenberger

Val Frazee

Arthur Garceau

Billy Giles

Bob Gillespie

Rosemarie Hansell

Jan Henley

Robert Houghtalen

Paul Johnson

David Knipe

James Luckiewicz

Jeffrey Martin

Greg Nethery

Tim Renner

Martin Risch

Greg Schrader

Michael Sears

Cheryl Silcox

Kerry Smith

John South

Cindy Spoljaric

Dennis Stewart

Jon Stolz

Harold Templin

Jason Tidwell

Lee Watson

Glendon Williams

John Wilson

It is now the middle of winter and as you sit in front of your monitor Iím sure your mind is probably straying ahead to the warm summer months and thinking about the great outdoors. I would like to invite you to join us this year for the IWRA conference and field trip through the Whitewater River watershed on June 18-20. Wednesday, June 18 will consist of a business meeting before lunch, with a short conference session in the afternoon providing us background and introductory information on the Whitewater basin and some of the places we will be visiting. Geology will be a big part of this yearís theme. Arrangements are being made to provide us with an all day trip on Thursday through the Whitewater River watershed. The day will include a variety of history, hydrology and geology stops as we travel a loop from Richmond to the historic canal boat town of Metamora, to Brookville Reservoir, and back to Richmond. We will then spend half a day on Friday in the Richmond area visiting some spectacular natural features carved by the river and at a dry bank sand and gravel operation where we can view some impressive cross sections of glacial deposits. Mark your calendars for this memorable excursion to a little-known, but historically significant part of the state of Indiana. A detailed announcement for the conference and field trip will be mailed out in late April. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn in Richmond for $80.00 a night, a real bargain considering a hot breakfast buffet is included in the price.

The new year also brings the opportunity to renew your membership in the IWRA. A membership form is included for your convenience. The mailing label for all IWRA mailings will show your membership status at the time of the mailing. The label for this mailing, for example, shows if you were a member of IWRA in 2002. The mailing label for the announcement of the June meeting will show if you are a member for 2003. Registration fees for most of meetings are lower for members than nonmembers. We hope this indicator of your membership status will be helpful to you.

Please contact me at 812-855-2687 or tbranam@indiana.edu if you have questions about IWRA.







Tracy Branam

2003 President IWRA